Supporting Seafarers’ Happiness

Supporting Seafarers’ Happiness

Last May 24, 2023, The Mission to Seafarers (MtS) sat down with the crew of Mastermind Shipping (MSM) to conduct a workshop on social wellbeing. Also in attendance were seafarers’ families, and the staff of Lydia Mar Manila (LMM), MSM’s crewing agent in the Philippines. The event was attended by thirty crew and was graciously hosted by AMOSUP at their convention hall. 

Promoting positive mental health and wellbeing

Better known as WeCare, the social wellbeing workshop was designed and developed by MtS to promote  positive mental health and wellbeing, specifically among seafarers and their loved ones. The 3-hour workshop featured a learning session on defining social wellbeing and the links of social media to mental health. The trainers (Mr. Neil Cabigas and Mrs. Lala Tolentino-Rahon) and attendees also unpacked common challenges faced by seafarers, such as maintaining a long-distance relationship. The second half of the workshop continued to build on the group’s experiences, and the trainers shared practical tools and tips on how to communicate responsively and effectively, manage emotions, and build trust among seafarers and their families. 

Seafarers sharing their experiences

Recognizing the many roles a seafarer plays

This is different from the other trainings you’ve had before, and I wish I had this training when I was your age”, said Mrs. Rodelita Homecillo, president of Lydia Mar Manila, as she opened the workshop by sharing her own experience as a seafarer’s wife. In recognition of the challenges faced by seafarer families, Mrs. Homecillo stated MSM and LMM’s commitment: “We believe that apart from being a maritime professional, you are also someone’s friend, fiancé, husband, brother, or son. All of these roles deserve recognition and support. And with today’s seminar, I hope that we can support you, your career, and the life you wish to have with your loved ones”

A young couple shares their thoughts

The Mission to Seafarers Secretary General, Reverend Canon Andrew Wright also echoed similar sentiments when he welcomed the attendees. He described MtS as “being in the business of seafarer happiness”. He explained that happy crew are more motivated, confident, and are able to create safer environments onboard. To champion the happiness of seafarers, MtS promotes training programs like WeCare, which are then carried out with the support of ship owners and ship managers like Mastermind Shipping

Crew of MSM, LMM Staff, and the team of MtS
About MTS:

The Mission to Seafarers is an international charity that provides a range of support services to seafarers and their families, irrespective of faith or cultural background. We operate one of the largest port-based welfare networks in the world, with welfare teams contactable in more than 200 ports across 50 countries for more than 160 years.  In the Philippines, MTS has been supporting seafarers and their families since 2014.  



About WeCare

This course enables seafarers and their families to understand how social media and long-distance relationships affect their mental health. It promotes coping strategies to apply on both sides of a relationship. Wellbeing Resources – Our courses offer a range of downloadable resources to use while onboard and at home.
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