Retirement Fund

Lydia Mar Retirement Fund

The Lydia Mar Retirement fund is designed to give you a financial cushion after you retire from seafaring. You will not be required to contribute any amount; Lydia Mar pays all the contributions into your Retirement Fund on your behalf.


Below are the contributions for each month of sea service with the company:

€ 200.00 monthly for Masters and Chief Engineers
€ 150.00 monthly for Chief Mates and 2nd Engineers
€ 100.00 monthly for 2nd Mates and Electricians


Every year, you will receive a statement of account showing exactly which contributions were made on your behalf. The Retirement Fund is based in Germany, with a major German insurance group guaranteeing its performance and reliability.


The funds are safely invested and interests yielded will be credited to your account. The lump sum payment of the total accumulated amount is turned over to you when you reach 67 years of age.


The Lydia Mar Retirement Fund was created by our principals Lydia Mar Shipping Co. S.A and Aug. Bolten Wm. Miller’s Nachfolger. It is offered to their crew, specifically Masters, Chief Engineers, Chief Mates, 2nd Engineers, 2nd Mates, and Electricians.