The History of Lydia Mar Manila

In 1990, Lydia Mar Manila Inc (LMM). was founded by Lydia Mar Shipping Co. S.A., a ship management company located in Piraeus, Greece. LMM was established to respond to the increasing demand of qualified and capable seamen for the shipping industry. The company obtained is license to operate as an approved manning agency in the very same year.

Both Lydia Mar Shipping Co. S.A. and Lydia Mar (Manila) Inc. are wholly owned subsidiaries of Aug. Bolten Wm. Miller’s Nachfolger, a seventh-generation family-owned shipping company with a history well over 200 years.

Lydia Mar Manila started up as a single proprietorship, but transformed into a corporation in 1995.

Lydia Mar Manila started exclusively servicing the ships of Aug. Bolten and Lydia Mar Piraeus, but quickly extended the customer base and obtained a reputation of reliability by maintaining long-standing beneficial relationships with the clients and achieving retainer rates of over 90 percent.

Prior to its incorporation in the 90’s, LMM was already a member of an existing Philippine manning agency as early as 1968. Overall, the company has been active in the maritime and crewing industry for over 50 years.

Today, after a steady and continuous growth, a team of experienced and accomplished professionals caters to the crewing requirements of a fleet of bulk carriers, container ships as well as multi-purpose-vessel and heavy-lift tonnage for customers based in Germany, Greece, the United Kingdom and the Middle East.

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