Crew Management Services

Working in partnership with you

Efficient, Expedient, and Ethical Human Resource Services
Lydia Mar Manila works with both principals and seafarers to ensure that crew are ready to join our clients’ vessels. Our services include the recruitment and development of crew, document preparation, and overall Human Resource Support. Through the use of modern technology matched with the skills of our seasoned crewing officers and maritime practitioners, we are able to deliver our services quickly, efficiently, and ethically.

Job Security & Career Planning

Ships continuously come under our management, thus opening up opportunities for our pool of seafarers, and qualified applicants. Our seafarers also enjoy long-term career planning. If you constantly demonstrate your abilities, a promotion to the next higher rank is normally guaranteed. Master, Chief Engineer, and other officer positions are offered to deserving crew. The company will actively support you in obtaining your higher license and will introduce you to a higher position during your shipboard assignment.

All Social Contributions paid by Employer

The company pays both employer’s and employee’s share of mandatory social contributions like SSS and PhilHealth. No amount shall be deducted from your allotment.


On-time Allotments, Credited In Full

We guarantee on-time allotment payments every month. Your wages will arrive in the amount agreed upon in your contract. Absolutely no hidden fees are applied. The company has a designated bank for allotment accounts, and crew are given the option to choose whether they want their account to be in US Dollar or Philippine Peso.


Allotment Inquiries

Inquiries regarding allotments are promptly addressed by the company’s accounting department. Please take note that we can only answer inquiries of allottees that are declared by the seafarer on the Allotment Form.


Emergency Allotments

In the event that the seafarer’s family will need an emergency allotment, the company will help. To avail of this service, the seafarer is required to send a request letter to our office, authorizing the payment of an emergency allotment.

Crew  and Family Mail

Family members of the crew onboard may send their letters and packages to the office and we will forward them to the specific vessel. However, all ”padalas” are subject to inspection, to ensure that it is acceptable onboard.


Crew Recommendations

Lydia Mar Manila enforces a strong no-backer-needed policy. However, seafarers who want to recommend fellow crew—whether friends or relatives—are still welcome. In the name of fair and equal treatment, all recommended seafarers are screened like any other applicant to ensure they meet the job requirements. If he or she possess the qualifications we’re looking for, a position onboard will be offered. Click here to see our current job openings for seafarers.