Privacy Notice – Website Visitor

To our website visitors

Lydia Mar Manila (LMM) recognizes your right to privacy. In compliance with the requirements of Data Privacy Laws, please read our privacy notice explaining how we collect and process your personal information, which we also refer to as your ‘data’ or ‘information’.

What We Collect

While you browse Lydia Mar Manila’s website, the following information is recorded but none of these are enough to identify you:

  1. Operating System;
  2. Language;
  3. Browser Name and Type;
  4. Accessing the website either from Mobile or PC;
  5. Location (City Name and/or Country only);
  6. Page Name visited and viewed;
  7. Date and time of connection;
  8. Length of stay for each Page;
  9. Page Interaction (e.q. clicks); and,
  10. Timezone setting.

Website users, however, may voluntarily provide their personal information when filling up the job application form on the site. It collects employment-related information such as work history, biodata, resume, and other relevant details generally required from seafarers seeking employment from a crewing agency.

If you are a job applicant, you may refer to the Privacy Notice for Seafarers. View it here:

How We Use

The information is used to secure the website. It helps us track bugs which will be useful in case of a data breach. The data is also useful in giving statistics about how the website is accessed—so that we can make improvements.

Policy on Use of Cookies

Cookies are small files that enable the storage of specific and small data related to the device used to access LMM’s site. Cookies are used: (i) to enhance the user-friendliness of the website for users; (ii) to collect the statistical data of the website usage; and (iii) to analyze stored data to improve the website. Users can influence the use of cookies, because most browsers have an option that restricts or completely prevents the storage of cookies. Note, however, that preventing the use of cookies will cause limits to the usage of the LMM website.

How We Protect

While no personal information is collected on the website, LMM still exercises due diligence in protecting our space online. Through LMM’s authorized personnel and service provider, the site is regularly maintained. If bugs are found they are fixed immediately.

How We Store & Retain

No personal information is collected, stored, or retained from anyone who visits the LMM website.  

Know Your Rights as a Data Owner

As a Data Owner, you have the right to correct your information; a right to access your data; a right to object to the processing of your data, a right to be informed, a right for erasure or blocking, a right to damages, a right to be able to receive a copy of your data which LMM possesses, a right to damages, and a right to remedy issues on data privacy and security with the National Privacy Commission.

Visit for more information on you rights, and the Philippines’ Data Privacy Laws.