Privacy Notice – Family Members

To LMM seafarers’ family

Lydia Mar Manila (LMM) recognizes your right to privacy. In compliance with the requirements of Data Privacy Laws, please read our privacy notice explaining how we collect and process your personal information, which we also refer to as your ‘data’ or ‘information’.

What We Collect

Your personal data is collected in the form of written records, photographs, video images, digital material

  • Information you provided when you make an inquiry or request.  LMM’s lines are open to families of crew who may have inquiries like how to claim benefits, or updates in the case of an incident related to crew. When you contact LMM through official email or phone numbers, our crewing officer or crewing assistant may collect your personal data for identification and verification purposes. These include: (1) Name; (2) Age; (3) Address; (4) Identification Card (e.g. license); (5) Relationship to seafarer. Your name and contact details may already exist in our records if you were declared as a dependent, allottee, or emergency family contact by an LMM seafarer.
  • Information we collect through the course of your inquiry or request. We may collect the following additional information about you depending on your request or inquiry: (1) Allottee Bank Account Details; (2) Marriage Certificate; (3) Delivery Address; (4) Contact Number; (5) Medical Concern;
  • Information collected during events. There will also be cases when we collect your data in the form of pictures and videos as part of documentation of office events or through closed-circuit television cameras located in the office.
  • Other Information.

For unsolicited information sent or received by LMM without prior request. If this happens, we will determine if there is legitimate grounds for LMM to keep the data. If it has no relation to our legitimate interests, then the information will be disposed of in order to protect your privacy. Otherwise, it will be treated in the same way as information you provided us.

How We Use

We use your personal data to pursue our legitimate interests as a crewing agency, to be able to comply with laws and regulations, as well as research, historical, and statistical purposes. For example, we may use the information for purposes such as:

  1. Identifying dependents and emergency contacts of our seafarers;
  2. Verifying provided information;
  3. Processing benefits;
  4. Identifying relevant programs and workshops suitable to your needs  
  5. Establishing and maintaining an accurate crew information system on web, mobile, and, desktop platforms;
  6. Communication of relevant news and announcements; 
  7. Communicating and sharing promotional materials such as events and workshops;
  8. Compiling statistics, surveys, and research for internal purposes;
  9. Contacting  in case of an emergency;
  10. Sharing your information with persons or institutions mentioned below; and
  11. Other related or similar tasks.

Legal Compliance on Use, Sharing and Consent

In compliance with the Data Privacy Act which imposes stricter rules on processing of personal sensitive information, rest assured that we shall independently ask for consent for the specific use and sharing of your sensitive personal data. If your consent was not obtained in this case, please get in touch with LMM’s Data Protection Officer (

How We Share, Disclose or Transfer

We may also share, disclose, or transfer your personal data to other persons or organization in order to pursue our legitimate interests as crewing agency. For example, we may share, disclose, or transfer your personal data for the following purposes:

  1. Submission of information to government agencies (e.g. Philippine Overseas Employment Agency, Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, Pag-IBIG) for reporting requirements, accreditation, and the provision of employment benefits dictated by the law;
  2. Sharing of information with insurance companies, health service providers, banks, and other similar organization in relation to the seafarer’s loan applications, insurance claims, and benefits;
  3. Sharing of information with LMM Principals: Lydia Mar Shipping Co, S.A. (Greece); Mastermind Shipmanagement Ltd. (Cyprus); Aug. Bolten Wm. Miller’s Nachfolger (GmbH & Co.) KG (Germany); F.C.M. S.R.L. (Italy); Carisbrooke Shipping Limited (United Kingdom)
  4. To comply with court orders and other legal obligations;
  5. Use of photos and videos for promotional purposes and marketing materials such as social media posts, website articles, brochures, physical and electronic bulletins, and other media;
  6. Live-streaming of events; and,
  7. Any other purpose necessary as permitted or required by the law.

LMM will never share, disclose, or transfer your personal data for matters unrelated to our legitimate interests as a crewing agency unless required by law.

How We Protect

LMM exercises due diligence in limiting the access to your personal information by authorized company personnel. Physical and digital methods of protection are also used to avoid security breaches. These include, security personnel, CCTV, locks, password protection, anti-virus, and firewalls.  Organizational safety measures are also applied and our staff have been briefed on the importance and implementation of data privacy.

How We Store & Retain

Your personal data is stored in paper and electronic formats as well as databases shared between departments in the office and our Principals. Access to your personal data is limited to LMM personnel who have a legitimate interest in them for the purpose of doing their duties. Our use of your personal data will is limited to only what is needed to achieve the purpose of their collection and/or when permitted by law.

Your personal data is retained in connection to the seafarer who has declared you as a dependent, allottee, next of kin, or emergency contact. If the seafarer no longer intends to sail with the principals of LMM, copies of personal data pertaining to next of kin is kept only for a maximum of one (1) year.

Know Your Rights as a Data Owner

As a Data Owner, you have the right to correct your information; a right to access your data; a right to object to the processing of your data, a right to be informed, a right for erasure or blocking, a right to damages, a right to be able to receive a copy of your data which LMM possesses, a right to damages, and a right to remedy issues on data privacy and security with the National Privacy Commission.

Visit for more information on you rights, and the Philippines’ Data Privacy Laws.