Communication, Coordination, and Cooperation: Mastermind Shipping visits the Philippines

Communication, Coordination, and Cooperation: Mastermind Shipping visits the Philippines

As part of their end-of-year visit to the Philippines, Mastermind (MSM) shipowner Captain Eugen Adami, Training Director Nikolas Adami, and Senior Crewing Officer Natalie Georgiou sat down to talk with their crew in a laid-back seminar last December 3, 2022, at the Lydia Mar Manila (LMM) Office. The event was also broadcasted on Zoom, allowing seafarers outside Manila to be part of the conversation.

Getting closer to crew has always been important to Mastermind. As explained by Captain Adami, it is MSM’s belief that good communication is needed to achieve coordination, cooperation, and teamwork.

Good job team! Crew members and management teams from Manila and Cyprus
Good job team! Crew members and management teams from Manila and Cyprus

Review of Environmental Regulations, Commercial Awareness

The day began with a review of upcoming environmental regulations concerning the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP), Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) and Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII). In recent years, and especially with the climate emergency upon us, there has been a tremendous amount of new environmental requirements for shipping. We need to work together, not only to save the planet, but to protect it for future generations.

Captain Adami also delivered a segment on commercial awareness. He discussed the shipping business, as well as the customers and stakeholders involved. As crew, agents, and shipowners, we all have a stake in every voyage and vessel.   

One on one conversations with crew
Capt. Adami taking the time for one-on-one conversations with crew

Tech Solutions: OLP and CheckProof

Meanwhile, MSM’s Training Director, Nikolas Adami, introduced the Ocean Learning Platform (OLP). OLP is a digital training tool that makes it quick and easy for seafarers to enhance their knowledge through e-learning modules, short videos, and assessments. It’s available on iOS and Android, and those on an MSM vessel can even access it offline. Your OLP is customized to your rank, and completed trainings serve as stepping stones towards promotion.

The CheckProof app was also discussed during the seminar. This mobile software offers a reliable way for MSM seafarers to make and check reports. It also organizes tasks, and enables efficient information sharing between the vessel and the office.

One of the key features from the Training Director’s segment was MSM’s welcoming spirit towards questions. If there’s anything that crew are unsure of—from new procedures or new equipment—Mr. Adami assured the audience that the company is more than willing to help and to improve everyone’s knowledge and skills.

Allotment, Promotions, and The Retirement Fund

In the afternoon, LMM Accounting Head Marites Domingo, LMM’s Crewing Officer, Jenny Delgado, and MSM’s Senior Crewing Officer Natalie Georgiou, spoke with the crew regarding allotment and promotion procedures. Furthermore, Captain Adami explained the eligibility and mechanics of MSM’s Retirement Fund. He also expressed support for the Multi-Purpose Maritime Cooperative, where LMM crew can become members in order to access the coop’s financial services.

The afternoon dialogue served as a productive venue for transparency and a chance to clear up concerns among crew, agency, and shipowner.

Whether it’s to exchange information, ask questions, or share a few stories—LMM and MSM look forward to more insightful and productive talks with crew.

Crewing team discussing with seafarers
Women in Shipping! Marites, Jenny, and Natalie discussing crewing matters

Did you miss the December Seminar with MSM? Ask your crewing officer or crewing assistant for the download link of the presentations and recordings. Feel free to reach out to LMM or our partners at MSM if you have any questions!