How do I apply at Lydia Mar Manila and other FAQs

How do I apply at Lydia Mar Manila and other FAQs

It’s a new year with new opportunities! Are you a seafarer looking for your next contract? Lydia Mar Manila (LMM) is here to help you out by answering some frequently asked questions about our application process

  1. How do I apply for a job at Lydia Mar Manila?
    Check first if we have an opening on our website. If you’ve found an opening that fits you, fill up our application form: It only takes 5-7 minutes to finish the form as long as you have your resume and sea service details on-hand.
  2. Do you accept walk-in applicants?
    Yes, but when you walk in you’ll still have to fill up the same application form: You can complete the form using our computer or your own phone, whichever is more convenient for you.
  3. If I walk-in to apply, will I be interviewed on the spot?
    We can’t guarantee you’ll be interviewed immediately. But if you have questions and want to talk to our crewing team at the office, let us know. If you’ve been shortlisted for the position, you should hear from us in a week (or less) regarding your interview schedule. The interview is usually held online.
  4. Do you have an age limit?
    There’s no strict age limit, but we admit it’s still a factor. However, we assure you that your application is reviewed holistically. You’re more than just your age! Your work experience and expertise are also important. Our team considers everything you can offer in relation to what our principals are looking for.
  5. Pwede ba akto? Do you promote?
    Yes, we’ve promoted new applicants before. Although the priority is to hire seafarers with the rank we’re looking for, you’re more than welcome to try for a promotion. Give it a shot and apply!
  6. How much is your salary for ______ position?
    Salaries vary based different factors, but we work with our principals to ensure they’re competitive. You’re also welcome to negotiate. Our shared goal among crew and clients is to make sure you’re paid fair wages for the work you’ll be doing. Whenever possible, we publish the wages with our job openings.
  7. What are your benefits?
    Several of our clients offer bonuses, a retirement fund, a family health card, and more! You can read about our benefits in the Seafarer Services section of our website. Each of our job openings also highlights key benefits from specific clients, so make sure to browse our Apply Now page.
  8. Do you have a cadetship program?
    Yes, one of our clients, Mastermind, has a cadetship program. We’ll announce openings once available, but please keep in mind that slots are limited and they fill up quickly. We know it’s tough to get into a cadetship program. It can be very competitive. Get good grades and make sure you work on your application early. Do your research and make a list of the different companies that offer a cadetship program. Good luck!
  9. Do I need a backer?
    No, never! All you need is knowledge, competence, and a good attitude that matches the requirements of the job opening. We hire based on what you know, not who you know. Even if you’ve been recommended, you’ll still go through the same screening process as any other candidate.
  10. Do you accept domestic-only experience?
    Yes, specifically for OS and Wiper.
  11. How do I follow-up an application?
    You can call our office or send a message to our Facebook Page. If it’s been more than two weeks since you sent your application and you have not heard from us, unfortunately that means you have not been considered for the position. But don’t be discouraged! We will likely have more openings in the future. Meanwhile, if you’ve applied for a job opening labeled “For Pooling”, the latest we will get back to shortlisted candidates is one (1) month before target deployment. Whether you applied for an active opening, or an opening “for pooling”, please don’t hesitate to follow-up.

Can’t find your question on this list? Feel free to send us a message and ask away! We want to help as many deserving applicants as possible by making our application process quick, easy, and most of all—ethical!

Remember, LMM will never collect fees from applicants. No manning agency should ever charge you money for a job. That’s illegal and unethical! Report illegal recruiters to the DMW (POEA). Let’s keep the Philippine Maritime Industry clean and professional. Make it an industry you can be proud of.

Whether you’re applying at Lydia Mar Manila or any other crewing agency, we wish you the best of luck and safe voyages ahead. You can view all of Lydia Mar Manila’s openings by clicking here.