Retirement Fund



Do you know how much money you will have available when you retire?
Sufficient ? Very well !


But think twice! Did you ever calculate what you will receive from your statutory SSS contributions? Not too much. Not enough to make a decent living, anyway.


So you will put some money aside? Good thinking!


But think again! How many family members live on your salary? How many other persons do you have to support? Can you really afford to put aside some money regularly in order to afford a decent live when you reach retirement age? You spend a lot of money on the education of your children. But can you really be absolutely sure that they will be there when you need them later? And if they are, do you really want to become a financial burden to them?


Did you reply to all those above questions truly and sincerely? Then you will probably have come to the conclusion that you will need additional funds to maintain your standard of living after your retirement.


This is where the Lydia Mar Retirement Fund comes in!


The Lydia Mar Retirement fund is designed to enable you are carefree life after your retirement. Here are the main features of the Lydia Mar Retirement Fund:


Lydia Mar will pay all contributions into the Retirement Fund on your behalf in full. You will not be required to pay any contributions from your wages.


Presently the contributions are as follows:


– Euro 200.00 monthly for Masters and Chief Engineers
– Euro 150.00 monthly for Chief Mates and 2nd Engineers
– Euro 100.00 monthly for 2nd Mates and Electricians


Lydia Mar pays contributions on your behalf for each month of sea service in this company
Payment of contributions in Euro, the strongest currency in the last years.


Lydia Mar set up the Retirement Fund in Germany with a major German insurance group. German reliability and performance is thus guaranteed.


You will receive annually a statement of account showing exactly which contributions were made on your behalf and where you stand.


Safe investment of funds. All interests yielded will be credited to your account.
Lump sum payment of the totally accumulated amount when you turn 67 years of age.