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Lydia Mar (Manila) Inc. is a Crewing Agency in Manila, the Philippines.

The company supplies Officers and Ratings of high standard and qualification to its German and European principals for more than 80 ships.

As a result of growth and expansion, Lydia Mar (Manila) Inc. is hiring new applicants.

Lydia Mar - Leading Your Dreams, Insights A MeAningful Reality.

General Policies

We, Lydiamar (Manila ) Inc. , a reputable service-oriented company dedicated to offer each competent seafarer a decent employment and promote its global competitiveness to serve  the high standards and requirements of our principals.

We are committed to carry out our mission in a cost-effective and timely manner without sacrificing the quality of product/service and the company’s reputation.

Our vision is to continually foster Filipino seafarers to seek for growth and development in everything they do, embrace positive  values that they can pass on to the younger generation. We, Lydiamar (Manila) Inc. be a part of every Filipino seafarer and their family in making each step count towards their aspirations in life.

Part of 200 years successful German shipping business

Lydia Mar (Manila) Inc. is a Crewing agency in Manila, Philippines.

The company provides competent  crew members both Officers and Ratings high standard and qualification to its various principals for more than 50 ships.  To mention some of LMM’s customers are Germany, Greece, Great Britain, Lebanon and Denmark.


As a result of growth and expansion, Lydia Mar (Manila) Inc. is continuously hiring new applicants while sustaining its existing pool of  rehires.

Lydia Mar (Manila) was established in 1990. The company is licensed to operate as approved by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).


Today, the company caters to the crewing needs of its principals onboard modern bulk carriers, container ships, heavy lifts and multi-purpose ships. To date, vessels manned are increasing with more new buildings to come in the succeeding months.

- with valid us visa preferred but not required

- no maritime colleges restriction

Our Vision

Our Mission


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License POEA-145-SB-110512-R