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ο Applications:


Please feel free to download our Application Form, or apply online at this website. You are also welcome to send your bio data or resume to our email address or drop it at our office.
Our application form is short, just for some basic information about your person and your previous experience.

ο Our waiting area:

Once you have applied and visit us in person you will enjoy our hospitality. We have free water or coffee for you, and even a snack once in a while.
It is our utmost concern not to keep you waiting for long and to waste your time and money while you are passing through our office.


ο Interview:


Before taking any test, we prefer it to invite you for a personal interview. The interview is a face-to-face communication in order for us to get to know you personally.


ο Tests:


Depending on your rank and previous experience we might give you some tests, either computerized or paper work. Tests are non-personal, non-biased and guaranteed an fair evaluation of your competence and qualification.

ο Pre-Employment Medical Examination:


After completion of interview or tests we will send you for medical examination. It is a complete and comprehensive medical, physical and psychological examination in compliance with the ship's flag-state requirements and in accordance with Philippine Department of Health (DOH) and POEA regulations. We use authorized and accredited industrial medical clinics, where we can trust that clinic staff do not issue unnecessary referrals or examinations at extra cost.

Medical examination is FREE, unless and you are not fit for duty.
Results are treated confidential.


Documentation and Processing


Please allow us to check your personal and professional documents for verification and validity. It is important that you are in possession of valid travel documents and that your licenses and endorsements are valid, and in compliance with STCW'95.
In order to upgrade you to the minimum requirements of STCW'95 or the ship owners requirements, we might refer you for a training course. Some training courses are free or sponsored by the company.
It is our utmost concern to avoid unnecessary training, in order to save time and money for all of us.
(The company does not accept commission from training centers for referred students)

ο Flag-State Documents


The company will arrange for your necessary endorsements of the ships respective flag. The company provides Flag-State endorsements for FREE.


ο Visa Application


Most countries where you join the ship require entry visa. Most embassy's want to see you personally in order to process your visa. The company will support you for all necessary applications and paperwork
Your expenses for the US-Visa are re-imbursed before you join our ships.


ο Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS)


The PDOS is conducted in-house for every departing seafarer, using multimedia equipment. During the PDOS we cover not only the minimum required information, but also ship and ship owner specific information to prepare you best possible for your assignment.










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