Solutions to meet high expectations

Job Security & Career Planning

The company is expanding and we are expecting a number of new ships under our management. We constantly require qualified applicants. Our seafarers enjoy a long term career planning. If you constantly demonstrate your abilities, a promotion to the next higher rank is almost guaranteed. Master or Chief Engineer positions are waiting to be filled by any of our qualified crew.The company will actively support you for obtaining your higher license and will introduce you to a higher position during your shipboard assignment.


All Social Contributions paid by Employer

The company pays both employer’s and employee’s share for the mandatory social contributions (SSS and PhilHealth). Thus, you have no deductions from your allotments.


On-time Allotments

We are very much aware that the seafarer’s family needs to receive their monthly allotments on time. The company has a designated bank for allotment accounts. Crew members are given the option to choose an allotment account to be either in US Dollar of Philippine Peso currency.


Allotment Inquiries

Inquiries regarding allotments are promptly addressed by the company’s accounting department. Please take note that we can answer inquiries only to allottees assigned by the seafarer on the Allotment Form.


Emergency Allotments

In the event that the seafarer’s family will need an emergency allotment, the company will help. However, it is mandatory that the crew member shall authorized the company to pay the emergency allotment by giving appropriate advice to our office.


Crew / Family Mail

Family members of the crew onboard may send their letter and packages at the office and we will be the ones to forward same to the specific vessel. However, all ”padalas” are subject to company’s policy of inspection if the item is acceptable to be brought to the vessel or not.


Recommendation of a Relative

Our company is always in need of good and qualified seafarers. For the reason of fair and equal treatment, your relative will be screened just like any other applicant. If he meets the criteria set by our company and our employers, we are very happy to offer a shipboard position.


FREE Training

Whenever you have time please avail of free training courses offered by FAME Maritime Foundation. Some courses are free (P1), other courses can be sponsored by OWWA.