Job Security & Career Planning

The company is expanding and we are expecting a number of new ships under our management. We constantly require qualified applicants. Our seafarers enjoy a long term career planning. If you constantly demonstrate your abilities, a promotion to the next higher rank is almost guaranteed. Master or Chief Engineer positions are waiting to be filled by any of our qualified crew.The company will actively support you for obtaining your higher license and will introduce you to a higher position during your shipboard assignment.


All Social Contributions paid by Employer

The company pays both employer’s and employee’s share for the mandatory social contributions (SSS and PhilHealth). Thus, you have no deductions from your allotments.


On-time Allotments

We are very much aware that the seafarer’s family needs to receive their monthly allotments on time. The company has a designated bank for allotment accounts. Crew members are given the option to choose an allotment account to be either in US Dollar of Philippine Peso currency.


Allotment Inquiries

Inquiries regarding allotments are promptly addressed by the company’s accounting department. Please take note that we can answer inquiries only to allottees assigned by the seafarer on the Allotment Form.


Emergency Allotments

In the event that the seafarer’s family will need an emergency allotment, the company will help. However, it is mandatory that the crew member shall authorized the company to pay the emergency allotment by giving appropriate advice to our office.


Crew / Family Mail

Family members of the crew onboard may send their letter and packages at the office and we will be the ones to forward same to the specific vessel. However, all ”padalas” are subject to company’s policy of inspection if the item is acceptable to be brought to the vessel or not.


Crew E-Mail

Families can send e-mail to the respective ship mailbox via our office. It will be forwarded to the ship for FREE.


Recommendation of a Relative

Our company is always in need of good and qualified seafarers. For the reason of fair and equal treatment, your relative will be screened just like any other applicant. If he meets the criteria set by our company and our employers, we are very happy to offer a shipboard position.


FREE Training

Whenever you have time please avail of free training courses offered by FAME Maritime Foundation. Some courses are free (P1), other courses can be sponsored by OWWA.


Please feel free to download our Application Form, or apply online at this website. You are also welcome to send your bio data or resume to our email address or drop it at our office.
Our application form is short, just for some basic information about your person and your previous experience.


Our waiting area

Once you have applied and visit us in person you will enjoy our hospitality. We have free water or coffee for you, and even a snack once in a while.
It is our utmost concern not to keep you waiting for long and to waste your time and money while you are passing through our office.



Before taking any test, we prefer it to invite you for a personal interview. The interview is a face-to-face communication in order for us to get to know you personally.



Depending on your rank and previous experience we might give you some tests, either computerized or paper work. Tests are non-personal, non-biased and guaranteed an fair evaluation of your competence and qualification.


Pre-Employment Medical Examination

After completion of interview or tests we will send you for medical examination. It is a complete and comprehensive medical, physical and psychological examination in compliance with the ship’s flag-state requirements and in accordance with Philippine Department of Health (DOH) and POEA regulations. We use authorized and accredited industrial medical clinics, where we can trust that clinic staff do not issue unnecessary referrals or examinations at extra cost.
Medical examination is FREE, unless and you are not fit for duty.
Results are treated confidential.


Documentation and Processing

Please allow us to check your personal and professional documents for verification and validity. It is important that you are in possession of valid travel documents and that your licenses and endorsements are valid, and in compliance with STCW’95.
In order to upgrade you to the minimum requirements of STCW’95 or the ship owners requirements, we might refer you for a training course. Some training courses are free or sponsored by the company.
It is our utmost concern to avoid unnecessary training, in order to save time and money for all of us.
(The company does not accept commission from training centers for referred students)


Flag-State Documents

The company will arrange for your necessary endorsements of the ships respective flag. The company provides Flag-State endorsements for FREE.


Visa Application

Most countries where you join the ship require entry visa. Most embassy’s want to see you personally in order to process your visa. The company will support you for all necessary applications and paperwork
Your expenses for the US-Visa are re-imbursed before you join our ships.


 Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS)

The PDOS is conducted in-house for every departing seafarer, using multimedia equipment. During the PDOS we cover not only the minimum required information, but also ship and ship owner specific information to prepare you best possible for your assignment.


Do you know how much money you will have available when you retire?
Sufficient ? Very well !

But think twice! Did you ever calculate what you will receive from your statutory SSS contributions? Not too much. Not enough to make a decent living, anyway.

So you will put some money aside? Good thinking!

But think again! How many family members live on your salary? How many other persons do you have to support? Can you really afford to put aside some money regularly in order to afford a decent live when you reach retirement age? You spend a lot of money on the education of your children. But can you really be absolutely sure that they will be there when you need them later? And if they are, do you really want to become a financial burden to them?

Did you reply to all those above questions truly and sincerely? Then you will probably have come to the conclusion that you will need additional funds to maintain your standard of living after your retirement.

This is where the Lydia Mar Retirement Fund comes in!

The Lydia Mar Retirement fund is designed to enable you are carefree life after your retirement. Here are the main features of the Lydia Mar Retirement Fund:

Lydia Mar will pay all contributions into the Retirement Fund on your behalf in full. You will not be required to pay any contributions from your wages.

Presently the contributions are as follows:

– Euro 200.00 monthly for Masters and Chief Engineers
– Euro 150.00 monthly for Chief Mates and 2nd Engineers
– Euro 100.00 monthly for 2nd Mates and Electricians

Lydia Mar pays contributions on your behalf for each month of sea service in this company
Payment of contributions in Euro, the strongest currency in the last years.

Lydia Mar set up the Retirement Fund in Germany with a major German insurance group. German reliability and performance is thus guaranteed.

You will receive annually a statement of account showing exactly which contributions were made on your behalf and where you stand.

Safe investment of funds. All interests yielded will be credited to your account.
Lump sum payment of the totally accumulated amount when you turn 67 years of age.

How much money will I get when I retire?

That would depend on your age at the time you were enrolled to the retirement fund and your rank, according to which contributions were paid on your behalf. For example: If you entered into the Retirement Fund at the age of 35 years and sailed averagely 8 months per year until your 65th birthday, you could eventually expect on basis of a realistic and conservative 2% interest rate and an average contribution of Euro 150 per month sea service a payment amounting to approximately Euro 50,000, which equals more than US$ 55,000. In case you decided to call it a day on you 60th birthday, you would still receive approximately Euro 40,000 equivalent to US$ 45,000 or 2.2 Million Peso. Good money, isn’t it?


Can I get my retirement benefits before the age of 67 years?

The retirement benefits become due on your 67th birthday. There is the possibility to obtain your benefits earlier, provided you really retire from active work. In any case, you cannot claim retirement benefits before your 60th birthday.


Can I get a monthly pension instead of a lump sum amount, when I retire?

No, you cannot. The retirement benefits will in any case be paid lump sum. In case you wish to receive monthly payments, you have to deposit the money on the bank and collect the interests every month. A lump sum payment gives you also the option to invest your benefits in a business or to repay remaining mortgages. In other words: the lump sum payment gives you more flexibility than monthly installments.


May I use the retirement fund as a collateral security to obtain a loan from a bank?

No, you may not. The retirement fund is designed to support you after you have retired. We do not want to see that money spent elsewhere beforehand.


What would happen to my retirement benefits, if I passed away before reaching retirement age?

In the event of your death before reaching retirement age, your spouse will qualify for the receipt of your retirement benefits in full.


What would happen, if I was dismissed or I decided to change my employer?

The Lydia Mar Retirement Fund is a long term scheme and designed to award loyalty, seniority and good services to the company. In case you were dismissed or went to another employer within five years after subscription to the Retirement Fund, you would lose all your benefits. Once you are member of that Fund for 5 years, you will have an irrevocable claim of 50% of the amount accumulated. Only after 10 years membership in the Fund you will have an irrevocable claim on the whole amount accumulated. No matter what you will decide to do, nobody can take away that money from you anymore.


Would it be possible not to subscribe to the Retirement Fund, but to receive the contribution in cash instead?

No, this is not an option. When you join Lydia Mar you should be prepared to enter into a long term relationship with us. Lydia Mar is prepared to do that, too, and, as far as we are concerned, our relationship will last beyond your actual working life. We rather want to see you and your family taken care of when you decide to retire. That is why the Lydia Mar Retirement Fund was set up in the first place. That is why we will contribute into that Fund instead of giving you the money in cash.

Lydia Mar – when you retire working for us, we do not stop caring for you!


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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