Join us today and share the same experience with the most happiest crew worldwide.


Our company supplies Officers and Ratings of high standard and qualification to its German and European principals for more than 80 ships. As a result of growth and expansion, Lydia Mar (Manila) Inc. is hiring new applicants.

– Your Ship, Your Cargo, Our Crew –


No placement fee
No fees to be charge to all applicants
No relatives / recommendations required
With valid US visa preferred but not required
No marine colleges restriction


Lydia Mar (Manila) Inc. shall provide competent, safety and service-oriented maritime professionals to its customer ship owners and managers through expedient and efficient manning services, with decent, equal employment opportunities, continuing career development, and a healthy, well-rounded work attitude from our crew and shore staff.

“Your Ship, Your Cargo, Our Crew”


Lydia Mar (Manila) Inc. will be a prime contributor to our shipping principals’ fleet growth, build a reputation as a choice provider of globally recognized seafarers.
Our Trusted Principals


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