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Join us today and share the same experience with the most happiest crew worldwide!

General Policies

No placement fee
No fees to be charge to all applicants
No relatives / recommendations required
With valid US visa preferred but not required
No marine colleges restriction

Our Mision

Lydia Mar (Manila) Inc. shall provide competent, safety and service-oriented maritime professionals to its customer ship owners and managers through expedient and efficient manning services, with decent, equal employment opportunities, continuing career development, and a healthy, well-rounded work attitude from our crew and shore staff.


“Your Ship, Your Cargo, Our Crew”

Our Vision

Lydia Mar (Manila) Inc. will be a prime contributor to our shipping principals’ fleet growth, build a reputation as a choice provider of globally recognized seafarers. 

11 November 2020


To All Our Valued Seafarers:
We hope to reach each one of you in good health and safe amidst our present situation here in the Philippines. Just one more month to go and the year 2020 will be another year to look back in our memories.


Nine months counting since March when this COVID-19 lockdown and quarantine started. This equates to one full contract onboard with income out of our onboard employment. Sad to say though that this is only a supposed reality. Our Filipino seafarers are scattered everywhere since the lockdown; stranded in their homes and/or dormitories either in Manila or in their provinces. We are all on the waiting and hoping stage that hopefully this pandemic will be over for good soon.


I take this opportunity to call on and ask help from all our Lydia Mar seafarers to come out and regain our slots in the seafaring industry. Our manned vessels still demand for Filipino officers and crew without second thoughts. The need to embark on these vessels are still open for November and December this year. We do not know what the future holds especially in times of uncertainty. Thus, we Lydia Mar (Manila) Inc. sound our horn to call on our LMM seafarers to COME ABOARD NOW!!!.


P.S. You may reach me through my mobile or fb account.


LMM Management

LYDIA MAR (Manila) Inc.

POEA License No. 129-SB-0926 16-R-MLC


 We invite qualified and experienced seafarers to join our team.



(For Bulk Carrier and General cargo vessel)



General Requirements for ALL ranks:

      - Minimum 2 years experience in rank

      - With valid STCW certificates

      - Preferably with valid US VISA

      - A good teamplayer

      - With work focus and commitment


To all qualified applicants

Please send an e-mail to

Office Tel. No. # 85367109 / 85361864